Time flies by and I’m still working on the gui. I have finally given it a name: “tweaking user interface” neatly shortened to “tui”. This name clearly states the purpose. It is not a general purpose widget library replacement but rather a programmer convenience gui when building prototypes. My focus have been on making the usage easy and immediate while keeping the backend flexible. The reason for this is that I want to keep some doors open (for GLES and DX apps).

The usage pattern looks like this:

// Init with internal allocation. alternatively give the lib all mem you want to provide using tuiInit(....)

// init the renderer for gl
// TextAtlas is basically a mapping from char to rect in a texture
// I will not explain the textAtlas more at this time. I just want to convey the usage patterns
tuiRenderGLInit(w, h, shaderId, textAtlas, fontTextureId);

// Render / use
tuiBeginPanel(x,y, PANEL_W, PANEL_H);
tuiLabel("Tweaking parameters");
tuiSlider("EXPOSURE", &exposure, SLIDER_W, maxValue);


And that’s it. I have omitted some details since I don’t feel that this gui is fit for public consumption just yet.

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