An update on the progress on the gui. It has grown a little but since it was so much fun. Initially I just wanted a simple tweaking gui for parameters and such. And I knew early on that I wanted to make it a separate library that I could use in other projects. I also knew that I didn’t want it to be complex an everything to everyone…But, as I said it was so fun that I’ve strayed a little bit from that.

What I have now is a lib in pure C that has a front end and a backend where the front end is completely independent of the drawing. For my own purposes I have implemented a OpenGL renderer. The communication between the system is done by a simple command buffer. Actually very similar to how one might implement a renderer for e.g. shared OpenGL on old SGI machines :)

Further, the system doesn’t to any memory allocations but uses a memory area of your liking.

For the OpenGL renderer I have made some CLI tools for creating font textures and embedding these in a header file.

This micro project will soon be finished and I intend to release it for anyone to use in some form or the other.  More info soon.

As for now, A newer image:

So here it is in its basic form. It doesn’t look much but I’m in love with it. So simple and exactly what I want at this time. Never fear the NIH syndrome! Embrace!

I have just returned to my day job after half a year of paternal leave. Started to write a “post-mortem” on what I did during that time when the little one was sleeping but it drifted from the topic and I have yet to finish it…
Anyway, I made a lot of progress in the beginning of my rendering experiments project but sadly everything moved slower and slower the more features I added. That’s just the way things are but the most irritating thing was that the gui development has been the thing that has prevented me most from moving forward in a pace I’m comfortable with. First I used an old imgui-thing that I made last year but as I have outlined in earlier posts I felt that it was the wrong focus to develop that further. I reasoned that there just “had to be” free and good guis for what I wanted. To make a long and boring story short, I found librocket that seemed to be a good alternative. After much fighting with it I have finally returned to the imgui I made before. It fits my needs much better and I don’t have to look around in any forum to understand how to get the status of a checkbox or a slider.
Looking forward to showing some examples of it soon. If it turns out ok I will probably release it as open source.

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