First test of exporting a video from the render. Or rather, exporting continuous frames (every other at 60Hz), and encoding them using ffmpeg. Sadly vimeo have encoded the movie on top of that so it’s very blurry and looks like crap even though its originally very clean. Have to learn how to use Vimeo better I guess.
Every other frame is saved using PBOs in a ring buffer and copied to mem so I’m a little confused to why it lags so much. Writing to file are done after recording. Anway, so what are we seeing in the video?
- Classic fat g-buffer deferred rendering in 16bit/component HDR using exponential tone mapping operator
- Motion blur on/off (which looks really good in 60Hz, but freaking weird in this video)
- PCF filtered directional shadow test.
- Unskinned but working (just ugly!) GUI based on libRocket
- Sponza Atrium model by Crytek. Modified slightly for missing pieces.

Deferred rendering test movie from Filip Wänström on Vimeo.

Just changed theme to something that looked clean and ok and that I don’t have to update myself. Web design is not one of my interests anymore so I prefer to just use something prefabbed.

This is slightly off topic and meta since it doesn’t involved actual development. Rather, I want to vent some thoughts on how to manage ideas and results of research and development.
Basically, I have tested a lot of different ways to save code-snippets, thoughts, papers, references etc but haven’t found a distinct way that I feel comfortable with yet.
At the moment I write thoughts in regular text files (formatted with markdown or C++) saved to dropbox. It makes it somewhat safe for the future as well as searchable from the Mac OS finder in addition to always being available. So far, so good. What I feel that it lacks is the richness of a more modern document format. I want to embed images and sometimes even movies in notes for research. That could easily be done with something like Pages or MS Word but that just doesn’t feel right. Especially not if I regret it later and have a lot of documents bound to a format that I can no longer read.
Another option would be to use a blogging system or a wiki. Either private and local or public and on the net. I’m leaning towards the blog since I already have this site. What I fear is that I will restrain myself from writing down everything since I might have someone else reading it. (That is kind of the purpose of a blog now isn’t it…)
Hmmm, We’ll have to see how it evolves. But at the moment the tools are the following:

- Dropbox for saving all files (that are reasonable small)
- Simplenote for quick notes (accesses using Notational Velocity or JustNotes on the Mac, and the simplenote client on iPhone and iPad)
- GoodReader on iPad for couch reading of papers
- iPad twitter client + instapaper for digesting the twitterverse
- Reeder for news on iPhone and iPad
- Netnewswire for news on the Mac
- Xcode for coding
- Textmate for notes and general text editing

In a way this post is almost a first “try the blog as a dev documentation tool” so it’s mostly interesting to myself as a note of my current way of gathering info…

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