Work in progress on the GUI. Super simple look. More or less without skin just to try it out. I would say that RocketLib works as expected and was easy enough to integrate once you got the hang of it. Very, very “software engineered” which is good or bad depending on your school of thought.

So, what is happening in the labs? Well, lately I have been working on some kind of in game GUI. I started out with a very simple but working homegrown GUI based on IMGUI ideas. But as it grew it became very obvious that this was not what I wanted to focus on so I started looking for middleware solutions. Scaleform seems to be what most AAA game titles use but sadly that is a costly solution. Next up, I looked at integrating a web engine and had high hopes for Awesomium but it turned out that it didn’t support 64 bit and was closed source by a small developer. Always a risky idea. After that I looked at Berkelium which is more or less a clone of Awesomium but open source. I gave up on that when I had the 800 MB source of Chromium downloading…. I shouldn’t include the whole universe in order to have a button on screen. Right now I’m using RocketLib which is a small html/css-ish interface middleware. It is well thought out but bordering on obsessive design pattern usage. Call stacks in the 50s range gives me the shivers. It works though and can be nicely integrated into the engine using well defined interfaces. I’ll be back soon with some screens of RocketLib in action.

Implemented first test of shadows. Was kind of hairy since I had an old error in my application side matrix concat code that revealed itself. I have just directional shadows from a point so in order to say that I am finished with shadows for the moment I guess I need at least directional shadow maps and point light shadow casters.

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