Since I didn’t fint any good answers online to this I’ll add my experiences here for others to find.

gcc (4.2) on Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) defaults to 64 bit which is good but if you have a lot of libs built as 32 bit code it could be wise to start in 32 bit mode so that you can use all those old libs.

I for example had this issue with OpenSceneGraph and all its dependencies which I built in 32 bit mode on Leopard (10.5.8). So initially I had a lot of issues with undefined _main and crt1.10.6.o
I found out the hard way that you have to set your compiler flags to use 32 bit using the -m32 flag and a separate flag for the linker: -arch i386. Annoying and hard to find on the net.
Hopefully this helps someone…

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