Obviously, most post here are made in order to test the publishing environment. But rest assure that there will be more interesting content later on…

This is what the garbled graphics look like:

How it should look:

What it looks like without changes in code, just some runs:

Just installed the security update ( a little late admittedly) And I get the distinct impression that the graphics drivers have been changed. I get garbled graphics on some of my programs that uses FBOs ( which is most of them). Checked the driver monitor and found that we now have EXT_transform_feedback on the extension list and I cannot recall seeing it there before… Hmmm the plot thickens…

So, I’m trying to implement real time motion blur. I have earlier experimented using classic temporal super sampling and also the depth buffer trick in GPU gems 3. Both work to a degree but I find the effect of the first overly blurry and if done right, all to expensive. The GPU Gems variant was nice but doesn’t work for me since it is limited to camera motion.

Tonight I initiated some naïve experiments using velocity by saving the last  frame position. We’ll see how this turns out but for the time beeing, I have a positive feel :)

Welcome to CFW Design. I’m currently evaluating if wordpress is the thing for me. It seems to fit my current needs pretty well. For the time beeing the site will use a theme found on the net that was popular and discreet.

Obviously this post lack interesting info.

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